Client Portal for Kaplan

Client portal front page

My work at Kaplan has centred around building their new client portal site based on Sharepoint 2013. While designed only for desktops I used percentages and relative units wherever possible to ensure conversion to a responsive layout would be fairly trivial.

Styling Microsoft’s less than adaptable reports was the biggest challenge as they were never designed to be full screen. CSS specificity was they key here. Support for IE7 also meant that Sharepoint’s default styles couldn’t be overridden in one fell swoop via resetting inheritance so a balance had to be struck between code maintainability and browser rendering efficiency.

Aside from that, some custom field watermarking form pattterns and .NET validation was fun.

Datasheet for Flynet



Flynet wanted a datasheet detailing their new DataConnect product to send out to potential customers and partners, in the same aesthetic style as their website. They wanted it created in Publisher so it was interesting getting reacquainted with that old friend.

Sharepoint 2010 theme for Flynet


Flynet already had a design they were happy with, but it hadn’t been constructed with Sharepoint’s best practices in mind. They wanted their minimal design rebuilt from the ground up making it easy to package up and redeploy with a few adjustments to colors.

My work included custom page layouts, masterpage, CSS theme with custom editor styles and IE6+ compatibility.

Keyboard Shortcut viewer



This work in progress was created to visualise the multitude of keyboard shortcuts in the highly customisable Reaper music sequencer. Reaper generates a page of keyboard shortcuts already assigned which can be pasted into the input box above. It serves my needs well but to make it useful to others it would need a more user friendly input method, the ability to save or import from spreadsheets, and cross browser compatibility.

Chemspider design for the RSC


Following on from the WordPress MU theme, the RSC wanted to spruce up the front page for Chemspider, their free searchable chemical database. This facelift was intermediary to a revamp of the entire .NET application so I was only working with HTML and CSS, and mostly confined to the front page.

They’d a rough wireframe containing the information they wanted to convey: An idea of what it did for new users, how to use it, and a few other bits and pieces like newsletter subscriptions.

Key to this project was support for IE6 and 1024px resolutions to enable worldwide accessibility.

Minimal WordPressMU theme for the RSC

rsc blogs

The RSC wanted a minimal WordPressMU theme for their blog site, to match the look and feel of their home site. The blogs’ homepage had to list each author along with their most recent contribution, and each author’s page list their most popular posts. IE6 support and accessibility were key concerns.